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Adlai Rice

What is Adlai (white rice)?

It can be cooked and processed as the main ingredient for many rice-based Filipino favorites such as kakanin, champorado, and arroz caldo to name a few. With its unique consistency, Adlai can also be used as substitute for pasta. Adlai vs. Other Grains Among any other cereal grain, white rice is the most common grain we Filipinos eat.

What is Adlai and how to eat it?

This is because adlai contains the highest food energy content at 356 kcal, as compared to corn, brown rice or white rice. Therefore, if you consumed a cup of steamed adlai for lunch, it is build to last for 1 whole day’s work, as compared to those who consumed rice.

Is Adlai a good substitute for rice?

Just like its rice and corn counterparts, adlai is highly nutritious. It is the reason why the Department of Agriculture in the Philippines, is promoting Adlai as a staple crop which may help solve the country’s chronic insufficiency as far as rice is concerned.

Is Adlai similar to corn?

This is the same family to which corn, wheat and rice belong. Adlai produces good yield in areas where rice and corn hardly grow like in the highlands. It can tolerate poor soil quality, waterlogging, low pH and is resistant to pests.

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