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Amira Alawi

Who is Amira al-Alawi?

Amira is one of the biggest fans of Ivana. The elder sister regularly takes to social media to express how proud she is of her younger sister. But unlike Ivana, not much is known about Amira. Here are 13 things we know about the latter: She was born Amira Al-Alawi. She is the eldest of four siblings. She spent her childhood in Bahrain.

Who are Amira Alawi's sisters?

Her sisters are named as Ivana Alawi and Mona Al-Alawi. Both of her sisters are actresses. Ivana Alawi is known as a popular Youtuber. She has also worked as an actress in FPJ's Ang Probinsiyano, Araw Gabi, and 3pol Trobol: Huli Ka Balbon. Amira's sister Mona Al-Alawi is also known as a Mona Louise Rey.

Is Ivana Alawi sister Amira Alawi having a baby?

Amira Alawi is the eldest among all of her siblings In 2020, Amira Alawi is busy fighting the case for her baby. Ivana Alawi’s sister is struggling since she has given birth to her kid. Fatima Marbella also made it clear that Willie was already wedded to some other woman.

Who is Amira Amiri?

Amira has been Ivana’s number one fan ever since and often praises her sister because of its stunning beauty. She is also a happy and very understanding person and also a loving daughter.

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