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Angels Burger

Where did Angel's Burger get its name?

Where did Angel’s Burger get its name? The business was actually named after their first daughter, Angelica. The burger chain started out with only five outlets but quickly grew to several locations in just a couple of years.

Is Minute Burger the same as Angel's Burger?

One of the giants in the “buy-1-take-1” burger industry and a big competition of Angel’s Burger before it closed its doors to franchising is Minute Burger. They offer the same products and the quality is slightly better than Angel’s.

Can I franchise Angel's Burger?

Interested to franchise Angel’s Burger? Unfortunately, the burger chain has announced in 2014 that it is no longer available for franchising. At present, there is currently no available info about Angel’s Burger’s franchise fee or application process as hundreds of online queries remain unanswered on their Facebook page and other forums.

What is the sauce at Angels Burger?

Their sauce is only ketchup with mayo. The service also differs from one branch to another. I have seen some stands that has the nicest crew while others have like robots that don’t even interact with their customers. Angels burger is actually the best in their own way.

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