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Accomplishing the American Dream is something people outside and inside the United States have in their minds. Their dream of a professional career, a family, a good home, and general life success, but why should it only be a dream for these people and a reality for people born in the United States? 

People around the world come to the United States in the hope of better opportunities and good life. Tragically, this country of ours is not accommodating as these people would like, but you can still fulfill your dream with the help of immigration attorneys. If you want to live and work in the United States, you need to hire the best immigration lawyers that can represent and fight on your behalf. And Adan G. Vega is the best immigration lawyer in Houston that can represent you effectively.

Comprehending Immigration Laws

Immigration processing is very complex and deterring to navigate through on your own, especially if you are unaware of the culture and the federal system. The procedures in becoming a citizen of the United States require several documentation and filings to the federal government. And these procedures frequently change, a person can’t keep up to date. Luckily, that is our job. We specialize in immigration and understand how the law works for individuals. Speak with abogado de inmigracion en texas for your immigration needs.

L-1 visa lawyer

Adan G. Vega is a top-rated immigration attorney with over 40year  of experience serving L1 visa applicants in Houston. Our Houston L1 visa lawyer delivers extensive, solution-oriented immigration representation to businesses, individuals, and organizations. We help clients walk through their immigration and visa process with ease and at an accessible fee. If you have any questions about the L1 visa, we are here to help you. To speak with an l1 visa lawyer contact us now.

An L1 visa allows people who have worked outside of the United States as an executive or in a position involving specialized expertise. But now seek to come to the U.S to work in a related company with the same capacities. Several international businesses use the L1 visa to transfer their managers, executives, or workers who occupy a position of specialized expertise to the United States. 

L1 Visa Application Process

The application procedure for an L1 visa involves the sponsor and the applicants filing a petition with the USCIS (Which is the l-129 form). The process does fluctuate and takes several months. However, The USCIS does permit the premium processing for $1225, and the USCIS will process that visa within 15days or less. The L1 program allows dual intent as well. That means that an L1 visa holder can lawfully pursue permanent resident status during their stay.

L1 Visa Length Of Stay

The initial stay for an L1 visa holder is a maximum of one to three years, pending whether the applicant is establishing a new office or moving into an existing one. And the maximum extension limit on an L1 visa is seven years, which can also get switched from an L1 program to a green card.

Houston L1 Visa Lawyer For You

Other Houston lawyers may have an immigration division in their practice but, immigration laws are our expertise at Adan G. Vega & Associates that makes us the best immigration lawyers in Houston. Our attorneys are versed in many types of cases, and because of their knack in immigration law, we have effectively handled cases from straightforward cases to problematic & complex. If you feel you are alone with no support on your immigration, we have the expertise and energy you need to be successful in your case. Contact us now. 

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