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Coco Melon Background

Where did Cocomelon come from?

But this was not always the case, and, in fact, the concept behind CoComelon was actually first developed back in 2006. Specifically, according to the Independent, the series came about from a California couple looking to entertain their own children.

Is the Cocomelon backdrop editable?

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How is Cocomelon different from other kids TV shows?

CoComelon isn't just a job to its creators, it's something they truly care about, and that's only part of what sets it apart from similar programming. While most of CoComelon centers around kids just living their everyday lives, which includes going to school and playing at home, the show does tackle some serious topics. Well, sort of.

How much money does Cocomelon make?

Specifically, CoComelon makes about $120 million per year, but that's not all. The global entertainment company Moonbug crowdsourced over $250 million to purchase children's channels and spent a massive amount not yet revealed to acquire CoComelon.

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