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Double Deck Bed

What is the difference between double decks and bunk beds?

Double decks beds first gained popularity in the military, as they were utilised to provide sleeping space for twice as many soldiers. Bunk beds quickly became a staple in compact households when space was limited.

Are double deck beds suitable for adults and children?

The good news is that double decks beds may be used by both adults and children, making them an excellent solution for those with limited space. You can always make the most of your space by carefully arranging it with your creativity and imagination to make a comfortable bedroom in a little space.

What are the benefits of a double-deck bed?

Your own home could enjoy the benefits of having a double-deck bed as well and there are several uses for it. For instance, you can setup a bunk bed in your guest room to accommodate more sleepovers (oooh… slumber party).

Are metal bunk beds and double deck beds popular in the Philippines?

Metal bunk beds and standard double-deck beds are sought after by many Filipinos for their extra features and safety. Browse the latest bedroom furniture or find out more about double decks beds below.

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