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Edi Wow

Is Edi Wow a compliment or an insult?

Compared to the now passé “Ikaw Na!”, which some people have begun to take as more of a compliment than an insult (as in, “ako na, ako na talaga” in a not-so-deprecating manner), “Edi wow” has evolved into a statement that puts forth the perfect amount of “I don’t care” and “please be quiet.” 7. Pa more

What is the difference between Edi Wow and eclabush in Tagalog?

edi wow means “so what.” eclabush is a word used for recreational purposes and are often heard from gay people. Originally Answered: What are "edi wow" and ‘eklabush’ in Tagalog?

What does Wow mean in English?

However, it is most commonly used as an interjection, which depending on the context can indicate amazement or approval, but can also mean disappointment or disapproval when said sarcastically. Usually translated as “Wow!”, “Aw”, “Gee” (sarcastic), or “Awesome”.

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