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Filipino Scandal

What is Maricar Reyes scandal?

Maricar Reyes Scandal (Full Version) → Nurses have become one of the Philippines’ top exports, earning a global reputation as caregivers. But credentials for thousands of would-be nurses are under a cloud, because of alleged cheating in recent certification exams.

Is scandal real or fake?

Scandal Status: Real (Somewhat confirmed by at least one party who is directly involved.) In 2005, a video clip surfaced of comedienne Ethel Booba stimulating herself, with her then boyfriend, basketball player Alex Crisano holding the cellphone used for filming the supposedly private scene.

What happened to the ‘penis captivus’ story scandal?

The "Penis Captivus" Story Scandal Status: Fake (Denied by parties involved and no authentic evidence has surfaced.) In September 2010, a rumor went around that actress Shaina Magdayao and boyfriend John Lloyd Cruz were rushed to St. Luke’s Medical Center due to "penis captivus."

What are the accusations against the Philippine Nurses Association?

The initial accusations were made by students, who contended that the president of the Philippine Nurses Association had provided the exams to students who took his coaching classes.

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