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Is jenlisa from Blackpink a real girl?

We can't say any couple in Blackpink is real without their comfirm. Meanwhile, Jenlisa is just sister. I think Jennie is straight tho, because she had some relationships with man (GD, Kai) so yea, Jenlisa is kinda hard to be real.

Are jenlisa and Jennie friends?

It is a part of the BLACKPINK fanbase and information may not necessarily be considered official or verified by YG Entertainment or the BLACKPINK members. Jenlisa ( Jen /nie and Lisa) is the friendship pairing between Lisa and Jennie . They both speak fluent Korean and a bit of Japanese.

What happened to Lalisa in the Jen Jen series?

JENLISA SERIES - BOOK 1 A week before her wedding, Lalisa discovered that her fiancé is having an affair with her half-sister at her bachelorette party. Lalisa then walk... She was married for months but still a virgin. Drugged by her husband and stepsister, she ended up with a mysterious love.

What do you think about the relationship between jenlisa and jensoo?

They could beehive that Jenlisa is more natural than Jensoo, or Chaelisa, and maybe all of them do fan service with each other to cater to audience’s needs and please them. I think they are wore of the ships between them and therefore, they try to be closer and interact more intimately, have more skinship, to please the majority of the fandom.

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