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La Solidaridad

What does Solidaridad mean?

Qué es Solidaridad: La solidaridad es el apoyo o la adhesión circunstancial a una causa o al interés de otros, por ejemplo, en situaciones difíciles. La palabra solidaridad es de origen latín “solidus ” que significa “solidario”. Cuando dos o más personas se unen y colaboran mutuamente para conseguir un fin común, se habla de solidaridad.

When was La Solidaridad founded?

Sonia M. Zaide The desire to form a purely Filipino organization was fulfilled with the establishment in Barcelona on December 13, 1888 if La Solidaridad.

What is solidarity?

An expressed and definite prohibition of the existing practices of exiling residents by purely administrative order, and without a writ of execution from the courts of justice. On December 15, 1889, Marcelo H. del Pilar replaced Graciano López Jaena as the editor of La Solidaridad.

What is the last issue of La Solidaridad?

In the last issue of La Solidaridad (November 15, 1895), M.H. del Pilar wrote his farewell editorial saying : We are persuaded that no sacrifices are too little to win the rights and the liberty of a nation that is oppressed by slavery. The Philippines: A Unique Nation. Dr.

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