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Lola Woo

Is Lola’s content NSFW?

Although her content was NSFW, it was often stylised and almost always tongue-in-cheek, as if she found making it a private joke that she reserved the right to laugh at. Zac and I get a first-hand reminder of this when we catch up with Lola and Nicole several weeks later.

What is the song in the Lola Lola video?

It’s a music video set to Elenore by The Turtles (Lola likes music from the ‘60s and ‘70s). She plays a haughty dominatrix in cat-eye sunglasses and a floral dress (‘The Princess’), while a friend of Nicole’s plays her hapless admirer (‘The Simp’).

Why is Reiko called Lola?

Her handle actually stands for ‘before I K.O.’ Still, people who recognise her on the street—she finds this weird—tend to call her ‘Reiko’, or ‘Before Reiko’, though nothing beats the time someone called her ‘Before’. Two, she chose Lola as her alias because of its association with sexually provocative femme fatales.

Is OnlyFans’ Lola a secret girl?

Lola, however, seems to have the opposite problem: plenty of people know her as the OnlyFans girl, and she doesn’t mind it being an open secret, even amongst those who know her in real life.

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