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What is the meaning of Padayon?

“Padayon”— it is a Filipino Visayan word which means “onward” or “to continue”. This is not a classic boys' love (BL) story; this one will tackle social issues. From sexual abuse, mental health problems, divorce, gender discrimination, bullying, and a lot more; this BL series is unlike any other.

What is dayon (Dayun)?

Dayon (or dayun) and padayon offer an antidote to that ningas cogon. There are two important derived meanings from dayon. One is “padayon,” defined in Wolff’s dictionary as “continue doing something” and which, as I explained at the beginning of my column, has come to mean “moving forward.”

What is the meaning of pahiyom?

Pahiyom means ‘smile’. Regardless of who the person is that we’re talking to, Cebuanos are always ready to flash a smile and treat everyone with utmost hospitality. “Mas nigwapa ka tungod sa imong pahiyom.” (“You become prettier because of your smile.”)

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