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What is the meaning of samgyupsalamat?

Samgyupsalamat is a Korean Unlimited BBQ Restaurant that is owned by YHK F&B Incorporation. Samgyupsalamat was coined from the word “Samgyupsal” and “Salamat”. Samgyupsal is Pork belly in Korean, and salamat is Thank you in Filipino.

Why samgyupsalamat is the Best Unlimited Korean barbecue in the Philippines?

Find out the reasons why we love Samgyupsalamat, one of the best unlimited Korean barbecue restaurants in the Philippines. Samgyupsalamat brings the taste of Korea to the local food scene in an attention-grabbing fashion – that is to offer unlimited Korean barbecue at an affordable price of P499.

Does samgyupsalamat have ala carte menu?

Samgyupsalamat offers unlimited options (5 types of pork, 5 types of beef) and also ala carte menu. Samgyupsalamat also has ala carte items. Here are other things you need to know about Samgyupsalamat:

How many types of meat does samgyupsalamat have?

Wide meat selection Some samgyupsal houses offers only plain pork and beef slices, but Samgyupsalamat has 5 types of pork and 6 types of beef slices. Yangnyum daepae (sliced pork belly with seasoning sauce)

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