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Translate Filipino To Japanese

What are the things Filipinos learned from Japanese?

HamburgersSandwichesOatmealKetchupChewing gumApple pieMayonnaiseHot dogsSteakIce cream More items...

What is difference between Filipino and Japanese people?

TALK ABOUT THE ARTICLEWhat are some various ways to recognize that people from different countries have different culture?What are some of the similarities of cultures between Japanese and Filipinos?What Japanese and Filipinos both have regarding the use of their eating utensils?What are the differences in cultures between Japanese and Filipinos? More items...

Are Japanese related to Filipinos?

While Japanese are nearly indistinguishable from Koreans and Chinese, we are generally close to all East/Southeast Asians. Filipinos are mostly descended of Austronesian peoples, directly from Taiwan and southern China. Thus they are rather close to the Native Taiwanese people.

What do the Japanese think about Filipinos?

Japanese think that Filipinos are great dancers and fabulous at hosting or attending parties, making every spot they go to an entertaining place where even the shiest person can shine and have fun. Thanks to this, Filipinos have become the soul of many parties in Japan, lightening them with their fabulous sense of joy. 4.

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